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Today we embark on a new adventure and starting this tech blog, this blog will just be reviews and options on different types of tech gadgets and new products. whether it is new apple Announcements for new products or even if its info and reviews on tech gadgets.

Today what i would like to talk about is what everyone in the apple community is possibly looking forward too which is...... The new iPhone 7/7plus, there has been a lot covered on these new phones as in what they will look like, what possible features will we see. But what i want to add our my thoughts on all the rumours and leaks i have seen so far. First off lets talk about the design, i feel like the lack of change in the design is not a bad thing? Let me explain what i mean, i feel like the old design of the phone was very sleek and modern looking which fits into Apples Design of their product line up. To me their design is sleek, curved edges, and smooth looking in general and i feel the iPhone provides those features. Would I of liked to see a different design? Yes but i have no current problem with the this one. lets get into the functionality that we have heard about, Lets start with the no headphone jack. I have thought about this for awhile now and in my opinion i don't think i will miss the audio jack and here is why, I don't use it daily to worry about not having it, most every product now of days sold for audio has bluetooth built into it, and i really don't think the everyday average user will miss the jack in my opinion. Also the camera on both phones will receive a upgrade with the plus model getting a dual lens system. There is also talk about the home button being removed for a new force touch system, so we might have to say goodbye to the home button we all know and love (well maybe not everyone loves). But with force touch system already implemented in there MacBooks/Macbook pros I'm sure they have made it seem like a click button as they did with those systems. Other then those feature they will be upgrading the processor and ram of the ram to make it more faster and efficient then the previous phones and I'm sure they will have some features some of us never hear about till the launch. There is much other resources out there for actual specs on the upgrades and possible features these are just the ones i have heard and read about. I'm sure we will all find out shortly!!!

hanks For The Read and Happy Teching!!!!! 


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