For All Your Computer and IT Needs

For All Your Computer and IT Needs


We offer a wide range of residential and commercial services to our clients from repair work to tutorials and training, Both are available for Apple and Windows Computers and also Tablets and Phones! If you don't see a service that you need on here feel free to contact us!

Pick up/Drop off service available For the WHOLE Niagara Region!

Android TV:

We offer a variety of android tv services from finding you the perfect box to suit your needs, To having them fully setup and programmed to work for you!

Custom Builds:

We do consultations to for custom PC builds so we make the correct system that will suit your needs, From gaming or even just a PC built for production come down and let us build a custom system for you!

Cell Phone Repairs:

We offer a Variety of different cell phone repairs as in new screens or battery replacements.

Hardware Diagnostics:

We run your system through extensive Hardware check making sure  all major components of your computer are working the way it should such as Hard Drive, Ram, Motherboard, ETC

Tune-up and physical cleaning:

We will do a basic clean up of the system such as temporary files and making sure your system is full up to date with the latest updates for you! We will also Physically clean your system from wiping it down to full blowing out the system whether it be a desktop or laptop of all dust!

Virus/Malware Removal:

We clean the computer whether it is a desktop or a laptop of all virus and or malware that is infecting the computer. When malware and or a virus are in your system it can cause your system to do many things like disconnect you from the internet or even make your screen flicker to a black screen. We can clean the system and make sure your ready and safe to use your computer again! All virus/malware removals come with a free tune-up! also we will give a 15 day warranty on all virus removal services!

Os Reload:

We reload your Microsoft windows/Apple OSX on your computer whether it be a laptop or desktop computer.

Tablet Repairs:

We offer a variety of different tablet repairs from cracked screens to general issues you are having with your tablet!

Computer/Tablet Setups:

We will setup and customize your new or old computer/tablet. It does not matter if it is Apple, Windows, or even Android. We will do all your updates and customize the computer/tablet to how you want it to be, We can even do a data transfer from your old computer to the new one!

Data Transfer

Have an old computer you want to get the data off of? Or maybe you just purchased a new computer whether it is Mac or PC we can transfer data from your old machine to the new one for you!

Hardware installs:

We will install different types of Hardware upgrades for your system from Hard Drives, RAM, Video Cards, Motherboards, ETC

Tutorials and Training:

We offer training and tutorials on different products from learning on how to navigate and use the latest version of Windows or OS X to how to use your new or old great tablet you never really understood. Give us a call or come see us for some awesome great support on all products.

Network Setups:

We can arrange to help you setup that new router you can't seem to get going! or even if its just reconfiguring the network so its more secure in your home.

House/Business Calls Available:

Give us a call or come on in to our store to arrange a booking to have someone come out!

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